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One way to fix hyperflash and bulb out indicators in your car is to use load resistors. Load resistors add electrical load back onto the blinker circuit to simulate the filament of the original bulb that was replaced with V-LEDS.  They also generate a lot of heat while the blinkers are on. To help dissipate the heat and protect heat sensitive components in your car V-LEDS developed the mounting plate and cover system. Using these two components together allows for easier mounting of the load resistors and keeps easily meltable materials from coming in contact with the resistor itself.

We also offer a complete package for 6 OHM resistors and 3 OHM resistors already mounted to the plates with covers. These also include 4 splice taps to connect the wiring to your cars blinker wires.

Load Resistor Mounted On Plate With Cover.

If you are planning on using load resistors to fix your hyperflashing blinker circuit be sure to make the installation easier by using the Plate and Cover system available only from

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