The Idea

There is something to be said about the V-LEDS experience in your car. It is amazing how replacing a bulb with V-LEDS  change the look of your car. Whether you replaced the dome lights or parking lights, using V-LEDS drastically improves the aesthetic appeal of any car. This simple fact spurred on conversations about another product idea. This idea was based on a product we already sell, the switchback. We have been playing around with some prototypes of this new design over the last couple of months and it is turning out to be a really cool idea.

The Concept

The concept is simple. Two different colors of LEDs built onto the same bulb. What if you had the ability to flip a switch and change your high beams or fog lights from white to blue, green, red or amber? That is what the SHO line is, an LED lighting system for showing off. It’s illegal to drive around with blue and green lights on your car. But what about when your car is parked or on display at a car show? With the flip of a switch you can instantly change the look of your car with these new lights.

The Finished Look

Here is what your car can look like with the SHO line by V-LEDS. These will be available soon and we will keep you updated on our plans of releasing them and different applications that they can be used for.

On the Left the SHO lights are white and they change to red by flipping a switch.

Let me know what you think of this concept. What colors would you want to see on an LED like this? You can leave a comment or send me and email to

Thanks for reading, James

  1. Matthew says:

    this is a sick idea, im already using the amber white switchbacks but would love to see red and white for brake and reverse and personally white and green for shows and events

  2. Matt says:

    That looks awesome, I would love blue ones, pretty simple for me lol.

  3. Andy says:

    It’s a great concept. Will the brightness still the same of that regular bulbs (in white)? How about three different color leds with an adjustable knob? Multi-colors would be nice, if not, blue. “Go V-leds”

  4. Bill says:

    Awesome look, great concept, love to hear more about them and maybe get a set or 2 eventually!

  5. Tomas AKA TEAZER says:

    I would like the LEDS to be BLUE thats a sick concept and even have them change to different shades of Blue with a knob or adjuster. You should take a poll of the average amount of customers that would prefer those styles. Letting us know that info would be good for the customers! Thanks

  6. Ryan says:

    Looks bad ass.I would def be interested in the white/red colors.

    How much tho would they run?I imagine not cheap.

  7. rick says:

    i would definitely buy these for both of my trucks. more into them being red since my truck is red. very sick idea so email me when these are ready for purchase