Posted: October 21, 2010 in Products, Technical
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There has been some confusion about our DRL module. Its primary use, when to use it, and exactly what it does. I will explain some the features and specifications of the DRL_MODULE. First and foremost: THIS IS NOT AN ADD-ON DRL KIT.

Where does the term DRL come from? DRL is the abbreviated version of  Daytime Running Lights. It is a safety feature that has been implemented by vehicle manufacturers. This feature makes your vehicle visible during the daylight hours so other drivers can see you. Manufacturers use different ways to get the same result. Our DRL Module is designed with the specific purpose of replacing the Halogen Bulbs of a single element, low voltage High Beam DRL or a single element low voltage dedicated DRL system with LEDs from V-LEDS.

We have 2 versions of this product. A 9006 version and a 9005 version. They do exactly the same thing, the only difference is the output connector. Each style will only plug into the specified base of one of our LEDs. So a 9006_DRL_MODULE cannot be plugged into a 9005 base LED. Originally this Module was polarity sensitive. The module would fail immediately if plugged in backwards. We have updated our latest production of these and incorporated a reverse polarity protection circuit inside the module that keeps this from happening. It will only work when plugged in the correct way.

Our DRL Module was designed in direct response to a need. When you plug LEDs into a low voltage DRL circuit they don’t get very bright at all. Most DRL circuits operate below 6 Volts, some as low as 3 Volts. Our LEDs need at least 12 Volts to be as bright as we designed them to be.  How do you get 12 Volts from 3 or 6 Volts? Magic? In a way yes, but that magic fits in a little black box. The box contains special circuitry that bumps the available voltage up to 14 Volts! It has its limitations, but it’s a nice tool to have available that is literally “plug and play”.  What kind of limitations? It cannot handle a large amount of current (amps) to be pulled through it. So you cannot use it to power up an HID Ballast or standard Halogen bulb. I do not recommend more than a 1 Amp draw through it.

Lexus IS DRL Upgrade

Applications: The first application was for the Lexus IS 350 Sedan. This car uses its High Beams as the DRL. It has a fluctuating voltage ranging from 3-4.5 Volts that lights LEDs dimly and causes them to flicker. The DRL MODULE boosts the power up so the LEDs are bright and stabilizes the voltage fluctuations. This eliminates the flickering and creates a unique look within the headlight housing as seen in the picture. This started out as a simple plug and play for an older style LED bulb. We developed a brighter replacement for that bulb and experienced the limitations of exceeding the current draw. Not of the DRL Module but of the Lexus DRL circuit. The Module draws a high amount of amperage from the DRL circuit in order to boost the voltage up so high. The current draw of our updated High Power LED bulbs combined with the current draw of the DRL Module overloads this circuit and will blow the fuse. We have developed a complete kit for these cars that allows the use of our High Power bulbs as the DRL and operates safely. This is the only vehicle application that we know of where our 28 LED High Power bulb will not work properly with the DRL Module.

Some misconceptions of the DRL Module include: Use it to deactivate the DRL function of your car, Use it to fix DRL warning lights, and Use it to add a DRL circuit to any car without a factory equipped DRL system.

If you want to upgrade your cars DRL to the crisp, bright V-LEDs, you will most likely be using this module too. If you are unsure if you need this part, or what other parts your car needs, you can always check our vehicle specific tab.  Here you can see if we have a kit already put together for your specific car.

  1. YihShyue Liu says:

    have you created a DRL bypass for vehicles such as the 2007 corolla with 9006 and low beam DRL

  2. We do not make any products that will bypass your DRL. However, if you are experiencing difficulties getting an HID kit to work or LEDs to work with your cars DRL system we can offer some suggestions on getting that to work.

  3. Matt says:

    What module would you recommend for powering three or four 6″ white LED strips from DRL wiring? My truck puts out about 6v on the DRL wire (currently to the existing 9004 high beam wire), I’m going to cut that wire and run the DRL power to one of your modules, then run it to the LED strips. Are all the modules basically the same, just 9005 and 9006 ends and then resistors or not and battery fed or not?

  4. david says:

    I want to buy 2 modules for my 2007 Lexus IS350 and install 102 SMD bulbs for the DRL. Will this work? Is this a good combo? Does your module fit only bulbs you sell or can I buy bulbs from someone else. I am not sure I want to go through the hassle of load resistors, etc.

  5. David, No load resistors are required for the DRL on your specific car. I cannot guarantee that the DRL Module will work properly with another companies products. We our products together to ensure that they will interface with your car properly. I would recommend using a 9005 LED harness along with one of the DRL Modules just to be safe. Check out this article for more info on your car.

  6. Byron says:

    I have a Chevy 09 HHR SS, I’m going to install the H13 6000 purple which I believe are my DRL’s along with your 6k switchback turn signals and H11’s 6000 purple for my fogs, I’ll be getting the resistors for the turn signals, do I need the DRL module and if so which one Thanks Byron

  7. Richie says:

    I dont have a DRL module on my car. My 93 Acura legend did not come with it. Will this module convert the highbeams to run a dimmer light by like 60%? Thanks again.

  8. Dave says:

    It would be nice to have one for a G35! I dont want to replace my bulb though, I need it for the high beams. Do you guys make one that I can just hook up with wires to get a 12 V supply?

  9. V-LEDS says:

    Hi Dave. Im sorry, but we do not make any “add-on/upgrade” DRL modules to add this type of circuit to a car. There are products out there that can do that though.

  10. V-LEDS says:

    Sorry, this will not work on a car that does not have an existing DRL system from the factory. There are products available on the market that will do that though. Unfortunately we do not sell that type of products.

  11. shawn says:

    I have an 05 Envoy. When I unlock my doors my HIDs come on. I do have a relay harness installed, but the passenger side sometime does not come on or flickers. Also I have blown a bulb and now a ballast on the passenger side. I read that your module will fix my issue, should it be used on one light or both? If only one module, on which lamp???

  12. V-LEDS says:

    Hi Shawn, For your specific vehicle the relay harness should be sufficient. There may be a different problem with the passenger side headlight. I would start by checking the ground connection for that ballast. If there is only 1 ground connection for the relay harness it could be the harness is of insufficient wire gauge.
    If the HIDs, or just the drivers HID come on every time that means the relay harness works and you will not need this module.